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Is your business coming up in Google for the search terms you want to rank for? You should make sure it does, because Google is your biggest source of leads, processing 84,000 queries per second. If it is your competitors that are ranking and not you, you need our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.

Having a website is a good start, but it is never enough. Based on studies, only those websites that land on the first page of search engines (notably Google) will get the leads. With you having hundreds if not thousands of competitors, how can you get ahead?


We at Xpozur understand the work that needs to be done to get your site on the first page for important keywords. Getting on the first page of Google and other search engines involves knowing what people are searching for and what your competitors are ranking for. This is where we come in to get you those leads!

Our SEO Services​


Monthly Website Audit

Our SEO service begins with a thorough website audit. This will check if your site has technical issues/site errors that prevent search engines from discovering and crawling your webpages. We then fix those issues so that your website has a good foundation for being indexed in search engines.


Technical/Onsite SEO

We will next fix the sitemap, the robots file and set up Google Search Console and Google Analytics. These are the important functions of each.

Sitemap and robots.txt – The sitemap is like a roadmap of your site, a guide for Google and other search engines for crawling your site. However, not all your pages need to be crawled or indexed.


Hence, we need to set up the robots file which tells search engine bots which pages to include/exclude in the crawl. This we will do for your site to optimize the search engine crawls.


Google Search Console – This is important for many reasons. First, this is where we will submit your sitemap and thus alert Google every time you publish a new post or page. Secondly, it is the GSC that will report errors and issues which will let us fix the problem fast. These are just a few of the many functions of GSC.


Google Analytics – This will let you see a lot of data about your site – where your site visitors are from, your strongest/weakest pages, and more. We shall provide a week-to-week and month-to-month report to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing efforts.


Content Strategy and Writing

Content is the most important ranking factor after the first 2 have been done. This however, must be masterfully planned and this includes evaluating your competitors’ top pages and keywords. From there we can plan your content.


Keyword Ranking

Month to month, we shall evaluate your site’s (and your competitors’) keyword performance and plan our strategies accordingly.


Local SEO

This requires strengthening of ranking in a local area as applicable. Our local SEO services involve Google My Business set up and management and submission to business directories such as Yelp and BBB with regular monitoring.

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Our SEO Services will get you a strong online presence to get you ahead of your competitors in front of thousands of potential leads.