WEB Design

Having a website is your most important marketing tool for a strong online presence. A good website design, however, is crucial to give a great user experience that will keep visitors coming back for more! We at Xpozur have professional web design services that will ensure a good representation of your business.

The Most Common Mistake of Business Owners

Many business owners make the mistake of falling for those DIY websites. Building one’s own website instead of leaving it to web design professional results in a lot of problems. These include a slow loading site, a layout that gives a poor user experience, and a website that is not dynamic and mobile-friendly.
All these negative outcomes will cause a user to leave your site and thus not generate business for you. Ultimately, it will affect your ranking in search engines.

Why Get Xpozur's Web Design Services

Website design involves a lot of elements to make it user-friendly and optimized for search engines. Our web design professionals make sure that all these elements are in-check.

1. Page Loading Speed

A slow-loading page (usually due to heavy media files, can cause your site visitors to leave. Thus with our web design, we make sure that your site must load in under 3 seconds by optimizing your images and videos, plus minifying CSS and HTML of your site.

2. Mobile Friendliness

Most searches (66%) now are done on mobile devices. As such, Google has a Mobile-First indexing rule. It is thus important that your site adjusts to whatever device and resolution – whether it be a desktop, a tablet, or a phone.
Our web design professionals are experts in building a dynamic, robust, and mobile-friendly site to give your site visitors a good user experience when browsing from whatever device.

3. User Interface (UI)

Is your website layout user-friendly? Does it take less than 3 levels deep to get to a certain page? Is your website easy to navigate?
These are factors that only web experts know, and we shall ensure that your website is easy to use so that users easily find what they are looking for in your site. We shall design your website layout according to your business needs and goals

Page Loading Speed + Mobile Friendliness + User Interface = User Experience (UX)

These three basic elements of website design are the important factors to provide your website visitors great user experience (UX). With a good experience, your website visitors will continue to grow. This eventually tells Google that yours is a popular site for your niche and thus help in ranking.

Trust Xpozur for Professional Web Design Services

Your website is an online representation of your products and/or services and your client's first interaction with your business. With that in mind, you must ensure a good first impression with professional web design services. Trust Xpozur's highly experienced web design experts and leave nothing to chance. Knowing your business has a good online representation 24/7, your business is off to a good start that can stand up against the competition and the ever-demanding clientele.